How to Sell Away Your Old Car ?

Has your car become old and started giving you troubles? Are you planning to sell away your old car so that you can go for a new one? There are a number of ways of doing so and in the process you can make a lot of money. Have a look at some of them here.

Hiring a cash for car service

This method is considered as the most convenient of all when it comes to selling your car. It doesn’t requires much if your efforts. You just have to look for a reliable cash for used cars service in your area and call them. Take the help of a local newspaper, do some research over the internet or refer your friends and neighbours in the process. Once you decide to go with a particular service, just call them and give them your address.

They will come to your location and their team of car experts will inspect your car thoroughly. After that, they will prepare a report based on the overall condition of your car and offer you a quote. This amount can depend on a number of factors like the total distance covered by your car, condition of the spare parts, etc. Such services don’t really care about the model, brand or year of purchase of your car.

If you accept their offer, they will pay you your promised amount on the spot and even provide you with a free service to tow away your car. As simple as that. This method is just perfect for the sellers who are in a hurry or need fast cash.

Sell your car on your own

This is quite a tiring and long process as compared to the previous one, but if all goes your way, you can get twice the amount when compared to hiring a cash for car service. You will have to manage everything yourself in this process. It is a great idea to post an online ad for your car.

There are numerous websites available these days where you can fill in all the details of your car and it will calculate and show you the exact worth amount. Fill in the details online accurately, as filling in inaccurate details will reflect a false amount.

Make sure you keep all the documents and paperwork ready for the satisfaction of a potential buyer. In order to leave a good first impression, clean your car properly and also vacuum it from inside. Also, make sure to get rid of any sort of smell. You can try this method if you have got a lot of time, as well as patience.

Sell the spare parts

Even if your car is not in a condition to run on roads, it is still worth a lot of money. It might also be possible that your car became dysfunctional only because of a few spare parts. Other parts may be in a proper working condition. If you wish to buy a brand new car and don’t want to get into the trouble of repairs, you can easily sell the old spare parts. You can sell the engine, tires, fuel pump and scrap batteries at very good prices.

There are a number of scrap dealers who can give you great deals for the spare parts. This way you can sell each spare part individually, according to your convenience and preferences if you don’t find the above listed methods attractive.

These were some of the methods of selling your old or used car. You can decide which one is most appropriate for you, depending upon your situation.