Are E-scooters Safe to Use?

As e-scooters continue to be widely used, there are a few concerns as to whether they meet road safety standards. While they may be a fun and convenient way to move around, they come with many dangers that all riders should know. 

Here are some reasons why e-scooters are dangerous: 

Poor Safety Features 

Scooters lack safety features like anti-lock brakes, often installed in motor vehicles. As a result, riders face challenges when making sudden stops and could easily crash. 

Poor Physical Protection 

Riders on scooters are exposed to road conditions. They lack a metal cage to protect them from direct impact with vehicles. For this reason, a crash with an electric scooter may be fatal or result in severe injuries. 

Scooter riders are advised to wear protective gear such as helmets and elbow and knee padding to protect them from injuries. Ensure the helmet is properly fitting and can withstand breakage from impact. You can also wear gloves and heavy pants to protect you from road rash. 


E-scooters can be quite unstable due to various reasons. Firstly, a rider is always standing, raising their center of gravity, making it easy to fall over. This could happen when turning sharp corners or driving at high speeds. 

Secondly, scooter tires are made of solid material instead of air-filled rubber. Such tires have poor shock-absorbing properties and could be dangerous on poorly maintained roads. 

Finally, they lack a powerful motor to keep them stable. Remember, e-scooters are motorized vehicles that require motor power to operate. If their engines are not powerful enough, you could fall off and injure yourself. 

Greater Risk of Collision 

Unlike motor vehicles, scooters are primarily operated in pedestrian areas and sidewalks. These areas are often crowded, increasing the chances of a collision with pedestrians or objects. Therefore, riding a scooter on a crowded path could be dangerous to both the rider and the pedestrians. 

Lack of Proper Guidelines 

“The government is yet to establish solid guidelines regarding scooter use on the road. In states where scooter laws exist, most users are unaware of them and continue riding without regard for these guidelines.” Dan Christensen of DC Law highlights.

It is also relatively easy to get a scooter, and anyone without riding experience could get their hands on one. This poses a significant danger as there could be many inexperienced riders on the roads.

Scooter Safety 

As mentioned earlier, scooters lack physical protection. Therefore, riders should equip themselves with the right gear to prevent severe injuries from a crash. 

Since scooters are significantly smaller than vehicles, it may be difficult for other motorists to spot them on the road. Always wear reflective clothing when riding in darkness, and use your headlights. Also, avoid riding in heavy traffic and bad weather. 

Always check your state’s regulations regarding scooter safety. Ride cautiously and within the speed limit. Keep your eyes on the road and avoid distractions from your phone. This will help you to spot potential hazards and avoid them. 


Scooters are inherently dangerous due to their design alone. Since they lack protection, riders could sustain severe injuries in accidents. They also lack safety features and could be a danger to pedestrians. 

However, this does not mean you cannot enjoy a scooter ride. You can keep yourself and other road users safe by observing traffic rules and paying attention to the road. Remember to wear your helmet and other protective gear before each ride.