5 Ways Cars Have Changed for The Better in The Last 10 Years

A lot can change in a decade and the same can be said regarding the auto industry which has went some significant changes over the past ten years. Cars now are faster, technologically advanced, have more admirable features and are even safer than their past counterparts. Almost every aspect of a car– be it the design or its operation principle has been enhanced to a great degree. If you are a person who loves his four wheels then you know what I am talking about! For those who are still not aware of the recent developments in auto technology, we have prepared a basic list to help them out. Here are the five major ways how cars have changed for the better in the last 10 years. We are sure; you would be surprised by the many changes listed here!

1. Better and Technologically Advanced Navigation System

Installing a navigation system in your car was no easy task ten years ago and this was because they were expensive and even unreliable at times. People found it easier to go through printed directions or depend on a third person’s directions. Installing a GPS system was considered to be unnecessary and a waste of money. Now things are way different then before and we depend heavily on our car navigation system. This is because we have cheaper, better and technologically superior navigation systems available for our cars. A touch screen, navigation voice and a clear map are some of the reasons why almost everyone now has a GPS system installed in their cars.

2. Cars Today Are Much More Equipped with Safety Features

Safety is a major concern almost in every scenario and cars are no exception. We all want to be safe and miles away from any traffic accident. Therefore, we need to ensure that our car has all the necessary safety features to keep us and our loved ones safe in case of an unfortunate emergency. Earlier, cars used to only have a maximum of two airbags to reduce the impact in case of a collision. This was sometimes the only safety feature installed. Things have changed for the better with the introduction of bulletproof glasses, alert sensors, a collision warning sensor and many more. In fact, more and more people prefer to buy a bulletproof car. Four is the minimum amount of airbags that are now installed and ten is the maximum number of airbags that a car might have.

3. Fuel Economy Is Important

There was no concept of fuel economy ten years ago but thankfully things have changed for the better in the present times. A higher mpg rating was not considered to be a big thing and this parameter was not even considered while buying cars. This was mainly because fuel was cheaper back in the days, as compared to the present times. Now fuel prices matter because they can increase and reach sky rocket heights any moment of time. This is the reason; cars today are designed to be fuel efficient. This is a good thing environmentally too as we now have many different types of cars like hybrid and electric cars among others.

4. Cars Have a Better Design

Fans of classic car models like Rolls-Royce might not agree with me but cars now days are designed better in terms of functionality and comfort. Departments are exclusively devoted to the way they will look and function. This was not the case ten years ago where design did take a backseat many times. Cars today are sleeker and try to deliver the best in everything—even how they look.

5. There Are Simply More Cars!

It is an understood fact that more people own a car today as compared to the past decade. To meet with the high demand, car manufacturers strive to deliver the best to make their product stand out. More competition in the auto industry means better products for the consumer.

So these were some ways how cars have changed over the past years. If you think we missed out on something then do comment below.