5 Reasons Why the Toyota Yaris Is Perfect for A First Car

Are you thinking of getting your first car or want a reliable vehicle for your teen’s driving? You may find it puzzling as you need to check your balance without compromising on security, convenience, and dependability. You may want to pick the most affordable car that does not break the bank on the monthly payments and seems stylish in terms of looks and technological features. If it is for your teen’s first driving, you need to be more precise. If you are a tech-savvy person and want a car that matches your self-image, including all modern features at the price of your reach as your first car, Toyota Yaris should obviously be on the top of your consideration. The outstanding features, convenience, and safety the marvelous car offers are tremendous. If you are concerned about your budget, do not worry. All the features you will get in your price range. Are you confused about where you can get your first car with proper suggestions, reviews, and estimations? Do not worry. WapCar.my can be your reliable source to help you get the precise conception and find your long-cherished ideal car. 

5 Reasons Why Toyota Yaris is Perfect for Your First Car

Purchasing the first car can indeed be stressful and need a lot of things to consider. Not everybody needs the same characteristics in the vehicle. While price can be an issue, it should not be brought against the cost of convenience and safety. The car that provides you with almost all the features you want within your budget should be your choice. While thinking of the perfect first car, the thought of Toyota Yaris, the second smallest car of Toyota, may immediately cross your mind. Let’s go into insights on the reasons for Toyota Yaris being ideal for your first car.  


The first thing you look for in your first car is if it is comfortable. Thanks to Toyota Yaris as it has some marvelous comfort features that ensure you the most pleasant and comfortable ride on whatever type of road you are riding. The passenger seats are spacious, and the most elegant interiors are designed with leather to ensure the riders of the utmost convenience. The rear armrest is designed with cup holders, and there is enough boot place so that you can enjoy the quality ride every time and sense the feel of luxury it brings with the comfort. 

The Yaris comes up with roof-mounted air vents so that ample light comes in, and the fresh air can flow back to ensure a happy environment to all the riders. 

To ensure the equal foot space to the middle and third passenger the same as the side ones, the floor is kept flat. 

Toyota Yaris is exceptional with the driver’s seat also. Most of the cars come with the possibility to move the driver’s seat only from front to back. But while driving Toyota Yaris, you can move the driver’s chair in various hatchets, adjust the elevation and distance from the steering wheel. For your first car, ensuring comfort is a must-look feature, and Toyota Yasir very favorably assures this characteristic. 


You would never want your car to cost you double its price on doing maintenance. As a new driver, you need to gain the basic confidence to drive and need a vehicle on which you may rely. The Yaris is a brilliant innovation of the Toyota brand that represents exceptional reliability the brand ensures. Like other Toyota models, Yaris offers you the facility of a 5 year or 100000-mile warranty to let you feel it reliable on the road.

Again, Toyota has designed the Yaris as a fuel-economic car. You may assume it to get 32mpg on town roads and 40 mpg if you ride it on highways. You will never leave this marvelous fuel-economic car unbought if you do not want to spend your cash on fueling your car. 

Smooth Handling

The first car should never make you anxious when it comes to the point of handling it. Toyota Yaris comes with straightforward steering along with progressive reactions. The handling abilities are also excellent. So you need not fret about handling as the moderate grip is comfortable to examine. The spot-on steering gives a proper measure of feedback to the operator through the steering column. As a new and young driver, if you lose control over the vehicle unexpectedly, do not fret. It is a very robust car with Smart Stop technology to let the car stop effectively provided you have reduced the accelerator and implemented the brakes fully for just half a second. 

Trustworthy Safety

As a new driver, you must feel fret riding your first car on the road and feel the necessity of trustworthy security. Toyota Yarish completely understands your attention and offers some reliable security measures: 

  • improved vehicle balance control
  • stress control
  • electronic brake-force distribution
  • ABS
  • dual front airbags
  • front side airbags 
  • driver knee airbags
  • emergency brake assist

To ensure extra safety, it has 3-point seatbelts and tire pressure monitoring system. 

To provide you with additional security, Yaris has collision equipment, so that you can get a laser-regulated pre-collision handling, high beam, and lane exit signal. 

At the time of any imminent crash, the pre-collision handling will increase the intensity of the brake to keep you secured. 

Convenient Accessories and Technology

The first car should be planned with comfortable and fashionable accessories. Toyota Yaris also maintains this feature. It has floor mats compatible for every weather condition, carpet cargo mat, cargo tray, cargo net, and many more. You can also exchange the all-weather mats with the carpeted floor mats. To assure you of help in any emergency, Yaris comes with an emergency assistance kit and first aid kit. 

To ease you while driving, Toyota Yaris offers you a fabulous audio system. It offers a cellphone app combination system, and in the most advanced Yaris, you will get the Apple Carplay to enter your iPhone’s applications with several clicks. 

The car has a Smart-Key-System and lets you reach the SiriusXM Satellite Radio. 

Toyota Yaris is also exceptional in the sense of the HESA Acoustic and vibration control glass windows specially designed to keep the inside noise-free while driving. 

The features sound fabulous, right? But are you thinking about the amount you have to pay for such a marvelous car? Toyota Yarish is a budget-friendly car that comes in several trim levels to allow you to select the appropriate car with the best features within your reach.