Octopus so clever it starts social networking site

Stories that an octopus is so clever that it carries a coconut around with it don’t even begin to tell the truth about these strange creatures that have a beak a lot like a parrot.

The coconut is there so that different octopi – or should it be iOctopuses – can communicate underwater by attaching a string from one coconut to another. Talk time is brief underwater, but is just about feasible.

And this is just the start. Once the octopus community has figured out how to emulate human people, they will build waterproof modems at slow dial up speeds and eventually figure out how to create 4G networks at great depths.

And then they will event a social networking piece of software called Octotwitter or something so they can exchange trivial messages with each other in milliseconds.

After all, they’ve eight limbs and so have some advantages on humans. Plus parrots are very bright too. If they get into a brown study, they don’t have to immediately come to a conclusion. They can just throw out a cloud of black ink while they think about what they want to say.