NYC gets free Wi-Fi: Elitism rules!

New York is getting free Wi-Fi courtesy of Time Warner and Comcast. Sarah Palin to blow up Internets on Fox News special.

Time Warner Cable’s NYC (New York City to you banjo twanging types in non-elite parts of the country) Region just introduced its Time Warner Cable Wi-Fi service. It’s going to give one million local Road Runner residential customers free Wi-Fi at locations in the NYC area. Time Warner Cable customers will also get free WiFi locations throughout Cablevision’s service area.

The areas covered include Manhattan, Queens, Staten Island, western Brooklyn, Mt. Vernon, parts of the Hudson Valley region, and Bergen and Hudson Counties in New Jersey. Cablevision’s coverage area includes Long Island, parts of New Jersey and Connecticut, Westchester, Rockland, Northern Hudson Valley, the Bronx, and Brooklyn.

In order to receive free Time Warner Cable Wi-Fi, Time Warner Cable customers must be signed up for Road Runner high-speed online service. Customers who use laptops and Wi-Fi-enabled devices can log on to Wi-Fi by entering their Road Runner user ID and password through a simple sign-on screen.

The system is designed for elitist liberal New Yawkas to get everything that they don’t deserve, easily and at no cost. Them folks with their fancy underwear, all initialized and Euro-trash like. You can bet your bottom dollar that the champagne swillin’, money burning fat cats in NYC will be sitting on a park bench screaming obscenities at Time Warner support, just like the rest of us, and that’s the only good thing that we can think of about this whole thing.

There are saner places to get this news, by the way.