Nvidia’s Tegra 2 kicks some serious mobile ass

The folks at Carrypad have put Nvidia’s Tegra 2 through its processor paces. The result? This tricked-out chip kicks some serious mobile ass.

Indeed, according to Carrypad’s “Chippy,” the Tegra 2 “wipes out” virtually every other smartphone platform out there.

“I’m also seeing great browsing results, a SunSpider result of 9300 and Pi being calculated in 2081ms which is 3x faster than the average score on the BenchmarkPi application.

“It can handle a 1080p H.264 file at 13mbps and plays Raging Thunder 2 on the 1024×600 screen like a demon! For a smart platform, Tegra2 is taking it to the next level.”

Meanwhile, Slashgear’s Chris Davies noted that the Toshiba AC100 test unit was running Android 2.1, rather than Froyo.

“So it’s [entirely] possible that – when Toshiba release a firmware update to 2.2 – [yet] another speed boost could be delivered.”