Nvidia says Windows too bloated for tablets

Nvidia CEO Jen-Hsun Huang has opined that Android – rather than Windows – will power the majority of next-gen tablet devices.

“Windows is too big and it’s too full featured for smartbooks and tablets. [But] the good news is that we finally have an operating system to unite behind,” Huang told PC World.

“Android is an operating system that has gained a tremendous amount of momentum all over the world. [It] has become the fastest growing mobile operating system in the world and, in fact, surpassed the [Apple] iPhone in terms of growth and in terms of users.”

However, Huang emphasized that Google would have to tweak its mobile OS so that it could better power a new generation of tablet computers.

“Andy Rubin and his team [at Google] know exactly where the industry needs to go,” said Huang.

“Android started out as a phone but it’s not lost on them that the tablet is going to be very important and that the [OS] has to evolve and be enhanced in certain capabilities, in order to be a good tablet operating system.”