Nvidia says next-gen Tegra tablets are "on the way"

Nvidia CEO Jen-Hsun Huang says next-gen tablets powered by the company’s ARM-based Tegra processor have been delayed by a few months, but are definitely “on the way.”

”You can’t just do another product [and expect it to succeed]. Look at the Samsung Galaxy Tab. It’s a tablet that uses a phone operating system on a large display. [Clearly], a tablet is not a large phone,” Huang said during an earnings conference call transcribed and quoted by CNET.

“[Now], our dual-core Nvidia Tegra 2 [chip] gives you the benefit of higher performance and much, much better multitasking and better graphics.”

According to Huang, Tegra’s advanced design will allow manufacturers to create “all kinds” of “interesting” industrial form factors.

“And I think the high-level concept is that when you have such an incredibly low-power SOC [system-on-a-chip] then industrial design freedom really grows. 

“[For example], open your notebook. [Inside] it’s got heat pipes, and fans, and heat spreaders, lots of copper. You’re going to get rid of all of that [with tablets].”

Huang added that Nvidia’s mobile business was poised to “ramp, and ramp hard.”

“The amount of activity in our Tegra business is simply too great right now. Come the beginning the [next] year is when you’ll see what we have been so busy working on.

“[And no], this isn’t a fad. Everybody’s building tablets because it’s just so important…I [really] don’t remember in the history of computing [when] a singular device is being worked on by all of the industry.”