North Korea enters mobile Internet world

Paranoid North Korea has launched a Web service for mobile users that, however, will be limited to news churned out by the propaganda arm of the government.

As well as carrying “news reports” that suit the government’s purposes, there will also be information about the capital city, according to the Associated Press.

North Korea already allows a limited internet service to some of its citizens via the web site

The web site is not exactly fun. As well as revealing the aphorisms of the “Great Man”, Kim Jong II. There are also lots of pictures of the Kim inspecting lots of different units of North Korea’s armed forces.

Top aphorism is: “To expect victory in a revolution without a leader is as good as wishing for a flower where there is no son.” There’s a lot more stuff about loyalty and treachery, a lot more.

Over the weekend, North Korea exploded another nuclear device and shortly afterwards sent a rocket in the air. It fell to earth, we know not where. Pictured on the front is a tower built for the leader’s immortality. Some people think he’s already dead.