Nokia phone chargers could fall to bits

Nokia has announced that up to 14 million of its phone chargers could fall apart, exposing users to a potentially-fatal mains electric shock.

The company has kicked off a charger exchange program in which users owning Nokia-branded chargers manufactured by a third-party supplier are recommended to exchange the chargers for free replacements.

According to the company, during a routine quality control check, a ‘potential product quality issue’ with certain chargers manufactured by one of its third-party suppliers was discovered. 

The plastic covers of the affected chargers could separate, exposing the charger’s internal components and potentially posing a shock hazard if the internal gubbins were touched while the charger was plugged into a live socket.

Nokia says it is not aware of any incidents or injuries related to the dodgy chargers, but recommends anyone with a suspect devices should stop using it and exchange it for a free replacement.

The faulty devices are the AC-3E and AC-3U models, manufactured between June 15, 2009 and August 9, 2009; and the AC-4U model, manufactured between April 13, 2009 and October 25, 2009.

Nokia has set up a website where users can check if they are affected and apply for replacements.