Nokia, Intel partnership to deliver first gadget in September

When Nokia and Intel held a press conference love-fest a week or so back, the presentations, though heavy on management speak and super, super excitement, were noticeably lacking in any detail whatsoever of actual products and even the vaguest hint of delivery dates.

But now it looks as if we may not have long to wait for the birth of the first Nintel gadget. A number of sources including UK national, the Manchester Guardian, are predicting that Nokia will release a new touchscreen Android smartphone at the Nokia World bash in September this year.

A new mobile that runs on Google’s Android software platform would be a radical departure from Symbian for the world’s largest mobile phone manufacturer. Nokia makes around 40 percent of all mobile phones sold, but is sadly lacking must-have products at the lucrative smartphone end of the market.

Analysts say Nokia had 47 percent of the smartphone market in 2007, but had dropped to around 30 percent by the end of last year. And with sales of regular mobiles suffering in the recession, the only bit of the market looking at all healthy is the high end web devices like the iPhone and Crackberry.

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