Nokia expands Symbian^3 lineup with C7 phone

Nokia has launched a new high-end smartphone on its latest operating system that promises to be sexy, socially connected, and worthy of a spot alongside Android and iPhone.

It’s an important launch for Nokia as it tries to pave the ground with the new Symbian platform. It was built from the ground up to better compete with the smartphone operating systems that have become dominant around the world.

Nokia premiered Symbian^3 on the N7, which launched last month but it has failed to gain any significant traction. The company hasn’t yet set up a huge marketing campaign to promote the new platform.

The C7 takes a focus on what people care about these days – social networking. Users can receive Facebook and Twitter updates instantly on their home screen and seamless connectivity allows for easy status updating and checking the latest news.

It’s a big push from a company that has lost almost all of its presence in the US because of increased efforts from other manufacturers and their willingness to adapt to other operating systems. Because Nokia develops and designs Symbian, it is unwilling to put anyone else’s operating system on its phones.

Nokia isn’t losing too much sleep because it remains the #1 phone maker on a global scale, but that’s increasingly only because of its strongly rooted presence in under-developed parts of the globe. In the US and even in its home territory of Europe, it’s been losing ground.