Nokia exec hella hates Android

Outgoing Nokia exec Anssi Vanjoki hella hates Android and doesn’t plan on using the popular mobile OS anytime soon.

Yes, indeed, the wacky Vanjoki is so unimpressed with Android that he has (bizarrely) compared its rapid adoption by industry heavyweights to boys who “pee in their pants” to stay warm during cold Finnish winters.

Umm, yeah.

Clearly, diplomacy isn’t one of Vanjoki’s strong points.

But as Marin Perez of IntoMobile notes, what Vanjoki was probably trying to say in his less than succinct way, is that Android adoption may provide “momentary relief” but will lead to “bigger problems” down the road.

“[Remember], Nokia is going to make a big push with Symbian and MeeGo, so you can expect a few shots at the competition. [Still], Nokia isn’t the first one to suggest that Android may not be as beneficial as it appears,” wrote Perez.

“[For example], Microsoft recently [claimed] that even though you have to pay for its Windows Phone 7 OS, it may wind up costing less than Android in the long run.”

Meanwhile, Kevin Schram of TFTS explained that Vanjoki obviously believes Android would be little more than a “short-term solution” to Nokia’s software problems. 

“They’re making other in-roads, though. They’ve got MeeGo in the cooker with Intel and Symbian^3 looks to be a drastic improvement over earlier versions and Vanjoki himself has vowed to have greater quality assurance on the Nokia N8 than previous Nokia smartphones.

“Still, Android is the closest a phone manufacturer can get to iOS. It’s free and there’s a ton of consumer demand for those phones. [So], while Nokia sticks it out with Symbian^3, Motorola and HTC will be selling lots of their Android phones.”