Nokia cuts its 2009 market share, increases 2010 predictions

Nokia has decreased estimates of its 2009 mobile phone market share, but also pushed up forecasts for how the industry will do in 2010.

The Finland-based mobile giant now says it took a 34% market share last year, compared with a previous report where it claimed it had 38%. This is because Nokia “revised its definition of the industry mobile device market.”

“This is due to improved measurement processes and tools that enable Nokia to have better visibility to estimate the number of mobile devices sold by certain new entrants in the global mobile device market. These include vendors of legitimate, as well as unlicensed and counterfeit, products with manufacturing facilities primarily centered around certain locations in Asia and other emerging markets,” Nokia said in an annual report.

It also gave predictions for how the mobile market will be in 2010. It predicts no growth in market share this year but said that the value of its market share will increase.

Nokia now estimates that 1.26 billion phones will be in the market this year, an increase over previous estimates of 1.14 billion.