Nexus One hits 720p with CyanogenMod patch

An XDA-Developers forum member known as Charnsingh_Online has coded a CyanogenMod patch that enables 720p recording on Google’s flagship Nexus One smartphone.

”The Nexus One is still alive and pretty much kicking, especially thanks to the community. Since Google won’t push new features to it, the community has to,” explained Artem Russakovskii of Android Police.

“The only requirement – CyanogenMod version of at least CM5.0.8test3, which means – yes, you need a rooted N1 running CM and not the stock OS.”

Although the patch is not yet compatible with Froyo (2.2), it is expected to offer support for the latest iteration of the popular Android OS sometime in the near future, along with improved FPS rates and audio.

The patch can be downloaded here.