Nextiva Revolutionizes Business Communications with Release of NextOS

Unified communications powerhouse, Nextiva, announced the release of their newest project, NextOS, a powerful tool that leverages Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to deliver enterprise level communications capabilities to businesses of all sizes.

As a VOIP category leader, Nextiva recognizes how critical communication is to businesses and endeavors to deliver robust solutions for communications challenges.

Currently, business communications solutions deliver fragmented fixes that are both ineffective and inefficient. In fact, a recent survey shows that more than 50% of all employees consider quitting their job due to communications overload and 63% of all employees are unable to reach their weekly goals and accomplish their plans, due to the multitude of different apps used to communicate with customers.

NextOS is the answer. Nextiva’s newest offering unifies all communications channels in a single, intuitive interface. In addition, NextOS provides a suite of additional functions that enable businesses to deliver better customer experiences while improving efficiency and making data-driven decisions. Additional functions include:

• Nextiva Service CRM – Not only will customer and staff communications be unified in a single interface, but NextOS gives you a database for each client that provides critical information and creates a seamless customer journey.

• Nextiva Chat – Not only will you have lightning-fast real time chat, but all communication will automatically be archived for future reference. Nextiva Chat gives you the tools for faster and more effective communication.

• Nextiva Surveys – Build customized surveys to solicit vital feedback and improve the customer experience. Let data guide your decisions.

These dynamic NextOS functions rely on two AI-powered engines – NextIQ and NextStep. These sophisticated engines give even the smallest of businesses the ability to automate workflow and gain powerful insight into individual customers and their needs, both present and future.

NextOS marks an important step for Nextiva, layering sophisticated unified communications and CRM capabilities on top of the company’s stellar VOIP reputation.

It is fitting that NextOS is released as Nextiva celebrates its 10th anniversary. Founded in 2008 on the principle of Amazing Service, Nextiva currently employs more that 1000 team members and serves more than 150,000 clients.

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