Next Android update to bring full Flash support

Android 2.2 will get one of the most important feature upgrades in the history of the Google operating system – native Flash support.

The update, code-named “Froyo,” should come next month according to the New York Times, which recently interviewed Google’s engineering VP Andy Rubin.

Mi It’s yet another distinguishing feature that will set Android apart from the iPhone OS, as Apple considers Flash too much of a security risk and has no plans to bring it to the iPhone. It is instead encouraging Web content creators to go with the new HTML 5 standard. Rubin said that was the wrong approach. “When they can’t have something, people do care. Look at the way politics work,” he told the Times reporter. Flash has existed for some time in the mobile world, but usually in a “Lite” form or through unofficial modifications to the phone. Because of security concerns and the very different ecosystem that exists in mobile, full Flash support on a device has been uncommon but Google is now ready to cross that bridge. An exact date for the Froyo (“Frozen Yogurt”) update was not specified.