Newest Nokia Windows Phone is the Sun

We’re hearing word of what could be the fourth Nokia smartphone to be powered by Microsoft’s Windows Phone operating system.

Information from French website (which translates to shows that a device called the Nokia Sun will be available on the European carrier Orange.

The Sun will reportedly have a 3.7-inch AMOLED display, a 1.4 GHz processor, an 8 MP camera, and 16 GB of internal storage, putting it exactly on par with the other reported Windows Phone-powered Nokia phones.

This is the fourth phone to be revealed from the still-fresh partnership between Microsoft and Nokia.

The other three are the Nokia Searay, which CEO Stephen Elop unveiled at a behind-closed-doors meeting that was leaked online, the Nokia Sabre which was accidentally announced at a Microsoft event in Canada, and the alleged Nokia Ace that was uncovered earlier this month.

The Nokia-Windows Phone partnership was announced earlier this year and marks a potentially cataclysmic shakeup for the mobile market in early 2012. The new handsets will come perfectly times with the upgraded version of Windows Phone known as “Mango,” which is currently on its way to select existing handsets.

Nokia still holds an iron-clad grasp on the mobile markets in third-world countries as well as countries like Russia, but it has fallen out of favor in much of the developed world thanks to the rise of Android and the iPhone.

The company is still renowned for its design ingenuity and unparalleled handset manufacturing, so partnering with Windows Phone could bring it back to the forefront, and will also surely add a competitive advantage to the Windows Phone OS.