New Tivo devices leaked

Two new Tivo models have shown up in Best Buy’s inventory system, showing specs for one model that appear to indicate it will have a whopping one terabyte hard drive. The Premiere HD and Premiere XL HD Tivo set-tops will come out next month.

The Premiere model will be able to record 45 hours of high-def content, according to the leaked photos from Best Buy’s database. The Premiere XL will have the capacity to store a staggering 150 hours of HD video. That would likely mean the size of the hard drive is one terabyte.

According to various reports, the Premiere will retail for around $300 with the XL set to hit stores with a $499 price tag.

Although Tivo has become something of a relic in a market where cable company-owned DVRs are becoming more and more accepted, videophiles recognize the highly advance features that only Tivo offers. Its broadband Internet connectivity, TV-sharing features, and mobile device connectivity set Tivo apart from most other DVR devices.

Tivo is also the only DVR maker to receive a coveted accredidation from THX.

The new Tivo models are expected to the formally announced at a press event next week, and both models are slated for a March 27 release date.