New technologies through your eyes and fingers

It seems before we could even get used to touching the flat screens of smartphones and tablets, a whole new era of mobile devices has entered our world. Approximately 20 years ago, nobody could comprehend that today we would have mobile devices without buttons. You won’t surprise anyone with your newest iPhone or Samsung, which are easy to use, with a touch of your finger. But let’s look ahead.

The next step in the technological progress is just breathtaking – controlling electronic devices with the help of your eyes or hand gestures. No touches, only magical passes in the air. Tesla would wish to be alive now, undoubtedly. So, let’s take a look at what the up-to-date world of technologies can offer us.

The Eye Tribe

You won’t be able to say: “I can beat this level with my eyes closed” soon, since you’ll need your eyes open. Always. The culprit of such a change in the gaming world (and just the overall world of the usage of electronic devices) is The Eye Tribe. The company has been around for more than 7 years and managed to create a pretty good product. Of course, it’s far from being perfect, and it still needs huge improvements. But the breakthrough can be seen even to an untrained eye. The Eye Tribe is not the only company at the market which offers such goodies, but it’s the one that can give you the technologies for the lowest price. All that you have to do is to buy the tracker (about $100) and download free software.

So it’s a nice way to try your favorite Fruit Ninja game, flip through the pages of the book you’re reading, or even play at an online casino. By the way, the latter option must be another step into the future since you need to do various complicated operations such as choose a payment option, software developer, game, all with the help of your eyes. So if you are interested in playing at an online gambling venue, read most trusted bitcoin casinos reviews, and start playing.

Leap Motion Controller

A new era of art is already here. Leap Motion Controller allows to draw pictures with your fingers on your screen, creating engineering objects, playing video games, and many other operations with the computer. Remember Tom Cruise in that sci-fi Minority Report movie, manipulating holographic images in thin air? Well, now it looks not all that futuristic all of a sudden. Combine the technology with the VR glasses and the admiration with the product will rise a hundred times. The controller doesn’t cost much, it’s even cheaper than the Eye Tribe – just €69.99.

Doing some complicated operations with this thing may not be a good idea, since the technology is not perfect yet. Any technology needs time to become better. Getting back to Apple and Samsung, just compare their products 5 years ago and now. Leap Motion Controller has done a good job and there is no doubt that in the nearest future those guys will impress us even more. For now, we can enjoy the products the company has created. It’s worth a shot.


Technologies arouse delight and admiration for the world we live in. We don’t know what the best minds in the world have prepared for us, but that must be something cool. The products we have now are amazing. The new implementations, such as eye and hand gestures controllers, prove that it’s not the end. There are things which can impress us even more.

The Eye Tribe and Leap Motion Controller are the leading companies at the market, thus we put high hopes on these guys. Will they live up to our expectations? Let’s see. Overall, we’re lucky to live in such era, the era of technological progress.