New rumored phone would be T-Mobile’s fastest

Now that the Verizon iPhone is official, the mobile rumor mill is turning its attention to other things. Other things, that is, like the Samsung Vibrant 4G, which is rumored to be the single fastest phone to ever run on T-Mobile.

Inside information reportedly obtained by TmoNews says Samsung and T-Mobile are working together on the device, which seeks to push the envelope as far as it will go.

And apparently the T-Mobile 4G envelope can go as far as 21Mbps in download speeds. Don’t know what that means? Think of Speedy Gonzales powering the inside of the phone.

In addition to running at peak speeds of T-Mobile’s HSPA+ next-gen network, the Vibrant will apparently have a 1 GHz processor, 5-megapixel camera, and a front-facing camera for video chats. Because it’s from Samsung, it will be a Galaxy S phone and pack in a Super AMOLED screen. This particular screen will be four inches.

It would be a direct update to the existing Samsung Vibrant phone, which launched on T-Mobile under the Galaxy S brand last year. Even though it was one of the last of the initial Galaxy S bunch to be released, it went on to become the top-selling one in the portfolio.

Aside from taking advantage of the new high-speed data capabilities, the Vibrant 4G will reportedly not be too much different than the current Vibrant. It’s expected to officially be on display at the Mobile World Congress in Europe next month.