New power board cuts domestic energy use

An Australian father and son have developed a power board designed to cut domestic energy use.

The board automatically turns devices such as TVs, DVDs and printers off when not in use, without using a standby mode. It works by monitoring and learning human patterns of interaction and electrical parameters, then  managing the information to control actual power use.

Embertec says that independent field trials by Energy Consult indicated average annual AV savings as around $96, with a $50 saving for the average PC environment.

When the user switches off an AV appliance, standby power is shut off completely after a short period of time.

When users aren’t using them but have left them turned on – for example, children leaving the room while the television is on – power will be shut off after a certain time.

When a computer goes into standby, hibernate or off mode, power is removed from all connected peripherals. It’s immediately restored when the computer is reactivated in the normal way.

The company plans to license the technology. It expects to launch a product later this year.