New Nook offers two month battery life on a single charge

Barnes & Noble has debuted a 6-inch Nook that features an extra-long battery life, E Ink Pearl display and Wi-Fi.

The next-gen device weighs in at 7.48 ounces (212 grams), which is 35 percent lighter and 15 percent thinner than the first iteration of the Nook.

Dubbed the Simple Touch Reader, the new Nook is capable of storing 1,000 digital books via an expandable memory slot.

The eReader can also be used for two months (without WiFi) on a single charge – approximately twice as long as competing devices.

In addition, the Simple Touch Reader boasts 80 percent less flashing than other eReaders – whether turning pages, browsing for books or scrolling through libraries.

Last, but certainly not least, page turns are fast and optimized using the touchscreen or side buttons, while the new Fast Page feature allows users to simply press and hold a side button to quickly scan through content and skip right to a desired section.

The Simple Touch Reader is currently available for pre-order at and at Barnes & Noble stores for $139. The eReader is slated to ship on or around June 10.