New iPhone reveal may be more subdued

When Apple finally unveils the latest iPhone model, there may be less glitz and glamor than fans of the company have come to expect.

According to a report from, Apple will hold a media event for the reveal at a small theater in its Cupertino, California corporate campus.

That is in contrast to previous iPhone events, which were held at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in nearby San Francisco. The latter venue obviously holds significantly more people.

Thus, when Steve Jobs would pull out the latest iPhone or flash an impressive graphic up on the projector, the crowd would swell with excitement.

By holding it at a much more personal and exclusive venue, the reveal is likely to lose some of that luster. The question is why the venue was changed.

Of course, this will be the first time that a new iPhone will be revealed without the presence of Steve Jobs. It’s widely assumed Jobs will not be on hand at the event. Instead, newly crowned CEO Tim Cook will most likely be the guy to show off the new iPhone.

Cook doesn’t have the stage presence that Jobs had, so perhaps holding this event in a huge theater doesn’t make a lot of sense.

Regardless, Apple fans are sure to be in a tizzy when the new iPhone is finally announced. It’s believed the event will be held on October 4. Questions that remain to be answered are whether Apple may actually have two new iPhones to show off – one for mainsteam consumers and one for the traditional high-end Apple crowd – and if by chance the company might also reveal the iPad 3, though that seems highly unlikely at this point.