New iPad 2 stock hits stores today

If your local Apple Store, like many others, is completely sold out of the new iPad, you might want to check back today as several locations are putting new inventory on the shelves today.

Customers have reported hearing from store employees that today would be the first day for new iPad shipments making their way to the shelves, giving customers a shot at the product without having to wait in the launch day line.

It’s unofficial, but some stores will also be opening an hour early today at 9:00 AM to accommodate early shoppers who want to get the best shot at buying an iPad 2.

This is all based on anecdotal reports from various stores across the country, so the best thing to do is call your local Apple Store before heading out, especially if you plan on trying to make it there an hour before the scheduled opening.

Of course, even if you still can’t get one at your local Apple Store, iPad 2 units are being sold at Best Buy, Walmart, Target, AT&T, and Verizon retail locations as well.