New Blackberry Curve models introduced

Not one to leave a sinking ship, Research in Motion has just pumped out three new versions of its entry-level Blackberry Curve device.

The Curve 9350, 9360, and 9370 are all virtually identical, but they each have different specifications to run on various mobile networks around the world.

The new Blackberries all have a 2.44-inch display, a 480×360 resolution, an 800 MHz processor, a 5-megapixel camera, and 512 MB of internal storage. The 9370 is slightly more powerful with 1 GB of storage.

Additionally, the new Curve models are powered by Blackberry OS 7, the newest version of RIM’s smartphone software which unfortunately didn’t exactly garner a lot of positive reviews.

Nevertheless, the Curve does have full access to Microsoft Office files with Documents To Go Premium pre-installed. It also has Blackberry Messenger, which many loyal Blackberry fans still use.

Perhaps most intriguing is its support for NFC technology, which means the phone will be able to be used as a contactless payment option – users can tap the phone at a store’s credit card terminal instead of swiping a physical credit card.

Nevertheless, it won’t be until next year when RIM starts offering QNX-powered Blackberries that interest in the fledgling phone brand even has the possibility to be reignited.

The new Curves will be available in Canada later this month and then rolled out to other parts of the world shortly thereafter.