New Apple TV begins shipping despite delay woes

Although speculation began circulating that the newly remodeled Apple TV wouldn’t be available until October, it seems the device has begun shipping out to customers who were originally told they’d receive it in September.

Last week, Apple customers who placed an Apple TV order with expedited shipping received a partial refund for their shipping charge. That led to rampant assumptions that the device would be significantly delayed.

Well apparently Apple TVs are shipping out later than the company wanted, but it’s still meeting the original projection of September.

A blogger wrote that his order shipped today although it won’t actually arrive until October 1.

The Apple TV shares its name with a device that came out a few years ago. The original Apple TV was an unmitigated disaster, selling an extraordinarily low amount of products as it was greeted with terrible reviews for its clunky interface.

The new version offers much more seamless media integration for TV streaming, in a world where Internet-controlled TV content is much more prevalent.

It’s also priced at a much more palatable $99.

Apple’s online store currently says new orders for the device will ship in 2-3 weeks.