New Angry Birds will be sold on Amazon, not Android Market

A new Angry Birds game is on the way, but don’t bother looking for it in the Android Market. Developer Rovio will only be releasing it through Amazon’s new digital app storefront.

While Google’s Android platform is the most popular smartphone operating system in the world, its method of app distribution has frustrated developers and users alike, leaving Amazon to come in and pick up the slack.

Amazon announced earlier this month that it planned to launch an online app store that makes it easier for consumers to find, read about, and pay for apps before downloading them to their smartphone.

Angry Birds Rio marks a new chapter in the Angry Birds universe, as it takes the simple casual game and expands it with a full-fledged storyline. The game is the result of a partnership with the studio behind the upcoming animated feature film Rio, which is all about exotic birds.

This marks an important milestone for the world of app sales, as one of the most influential game developers has essentially shunned Google’s official app marketplace in favor of a third-party vendor. We’ll see how this plays out in app development in the future.