Netflix packs a pocket punch to iPhone, iPod Touch

Adding to its slate of support on the iPad as well a game systems, Blu-ray players, and Internet-connected TVs, Netflix has now found millions of potential new homes with support for the iPhone and iPod Touch.

Netflix has quietly pushed out the new app, which is free but requires users to have a monthly Netflix account. Plans for unlimited video streaming start at $8.99 per month.

The iPhone previously had support for Hulu Plus, arguably Netflix’s biggest competitor. Hulu’s premium video service has failed to really catch on because it is more expensive than a basic Netflix account, it still has commercials for some content, and doesn’t even offer access to everything available at Of course, so far, it still remains an invitation-only preview service.

Netflix has a couple things working against it, including the fact that most of its content is old, it very rarely gets TV show episodes during the current season, and users are required to log onto a PC before they can add new content to their Netflix account on other devices.

Nonetheless, interest in the DVD-by-mail site has swelled explosively since it began offering titles to watch instantly through online streaming. It holds a lot of value to consumers who appreciate the “all you can eat” aspect of Netflix. Other digital movie distribution sources charge per movie or TV show episode.