Nanoradio takes on the giants: Forget Bluetooth!

One of the guys who invented Bluetooth spoke here at the Etre conference in Paris and claimed chips his company designed are ousting the top players in the industry.

Fabless firm Nanoradio CEO Tord Wingren isn’t that interested in Bluetooth any more. Yeah, sales of Bluetooth devices are still growing, but Tord is interested in efficient wi-fi chips now.

He said he converted to designing wi-fi chipsets for mobile phones because of the phenomenal growth of this market. He claims that he has three out of 10 of the top OEMs (original equipment manufacturers) and that he sold a million units this year. He expects to sell five times that next year.

He isn’t looking for investment money – he’s got that already.

So what’s groovy and great about his fabless design? He said that it provides a soft access point, supports voice over IP and is pretty top on power consumption. While right now the units consist of two chips, a newer design is on the table – a single chip which includes RF-PA, and the bill of materials and the footprint further shrunk.

He claimed it will bring down power consumption to very small numbers. He also claimed that its benchmarking showed it was two to six times better on this score than his closest competitors.

He claimed his competitors are one to three years behind. Competition is stiff in this area and his competitors are giants like Broadcom and Texas Instruments. And Marvell.

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