NAND flash prices prompt cheap iPhone speculation

Apple has bought a number of NAND flash chips for iPhones of a type it normally doesn’t use, prompting speculation that a cheap iPhone may be en route.

According to, Apple has been buying 8 gigabit NAND chips since February while its 8HB iPhone uses 16 gibabit chips, and the 16HB iPhone is populated with 32 gibabit chips.

That has prompted questions as to what they’ll be used for but it may have some cunning plan that doesn’t mean they’ll end up in iPhones at all.

Because Apple has bought so many NAND flash chips, at long last – as far as the memory companies are concerned – prices have risen since the beginning of the year.

The price rises are also due to major manufacturers Toshiba and Samsung throttling output, as well as Apple being a major buyer. The story is here (subscription needed).