Multicore processors to take over the world

By 2013, multicore CPUs are going to be ubiquitous in all manner of devices including smartphones, CE devices and MIDs.

That’s according to market research company In-Stat. But it won’t just be the X86 families that will proliferate these type of microprocessors, the report warns.

In-Stat says that while the use of multiple cores is common with the X86 family because of their use in notebooks, in 2010 netbooks and smartphones will adopt them, in 2011 their use will be widespread in MIDs, and during 2012/2013 they’ll proliferate in CE devices.

The ARM architecture will see a higher growth rate because this architecture is moving to multicore configurations too.

By 2013, reckons In-Stat, nearly 88 percent of the processors sold into the mobile segment will be multicore semiconductors.

In fact, there will be a pitched battle next year between the X86 vendors and ARM chips for the mobile semiconductor market.

Jim McGregor, analyst at In-Stat, said: “Integration of graphics and multimedia acceleration is a key trend as well. While multicore dominates in the high performance mobile computing segments, integration of graphics/multimedia acceleration favors the smartphone, MID/UMPC and mobile entertainment device segment.”

More details of the In-Stat report are here.