MSI takes on Apple’s iPad with Tegra-based tablet

MSI is reportedly preparing to launch a $500, Tegra-based tablet during the second half of 2010.

According to DigiTimes, the tablet PC is expected to feature a 10-inch color touchscreen along with wireless support.

“The tablet PC will be light-weight and thin for mobility, while featuring all the functions of a regular notebook,” MSI spokesperson Sambora Chen told DigiTimes.

“However, MSI will be flexible on specifications and will launch different models based on market demand.”

Robert Evans of i4U speculates that MSI’s tablet will likely support multitasking, a feature which the iPad currently lacks.

“To me, that sounds like code for ‘this baby can multitask. Suck it, Jobs,'” opined Evans.

“MSI was clear that there will be multiple variants of this tablet launched, designed to cater to market demand.”

Meanwhile, Tim Stevens notes that Engadget was “reasonably smitten” by MSI’s 10-inch, Tegra-powered machine at CES 2010.

“Despite the new competition, we still think it looks promising. But, a $500 MSRP probably isn’t going to help things much when it launches sometime in the second half of this year,” wrote Stevens.

“Specifications are said to be ‘flexible’ and the company will ‘launch different models based on market demand,’ meaning if everyone coughs at that price point there’s a good chance MSI will dig deep and release an even cheaper model. Sounds like a good idea to us.”