Mozilla Tests new Services: Send – Snooze Tab – Voice Fill

With all the advancement in technology, at a time when people are planning on how to live their lives in space, it’s still not easy to send large file sizes over the internet. So Mozilla thought; why not help people send large file sizes for up to 1GB? And so they came up with the new feature called Send.

Send is a new Mozilla service that allows you to transfer files of up to 1 GB. The transfer is encrypted and the data is deleted from the servers after the first download or after 24 hours. Though Send is in its testing stage, it is surely going to compete with already existing large file transfer sites and at the same time give internet users a better and surely free way of sending files.

Send is fairly simple to use. It allows you to encrypt and send large files (up to 1GB) online. When you send a file, Send creates a link that you can use to communicate to whomever you want. Each link created by Send expires after the first download or after 24 hours. This means that all uploaded files will be automatically deleted from the send servers. The foundation also states that this service does not require any installation and works on all browsers.

Mozilla Send Feature Page

To test this new feature developed by Mozilla, simply visit this page to drag and drop files to send, wait for the download link, and after that, you can send the link to the recipient.

Other services of this type offer more features. But the advantage of Send is precisely its simplicity (and perhaps also our confidence in Mozilla).

Other cool services being tested by Mozilla now

Send is not the only service tested by Mozilla right now. The foundation has rolled out a lot of experiments that it hopes would help its users worldwide. Let’s take a look at these other cool services under test.

Voice Fill

With Voice Fill, Firefox is bringing speech recognition right to your favorite browser. This feature allows you to speak directly to your search engine. Artificial Intelligence is used to then interpret your speech and provide the most accurate results.

Voice Fill has already been added to major search engines including Yahoo, Google, and DuckDuckGo. Mozilla is still expanding this service and would add more search engines as time goes on. But for now, you can just run to this page and try the service. It’s cool.

Snooze Tabs

This experiment has already gotten 49, 800 testers around the web. Distractions as in ad popups or the sudden opening of new tabs during browsing are never something welcomed by any online user. That’s why Snooze Tab is coming to help users do away with distractions during browsing.

Mozilla's Snooze Tab Feature
Snooze Tabs is not just built to prevent browsing distractions, it’s also a tool you can use to save important tabs that you might need later. Just save the tab you want and come back to it later. Though this is not something new in Mozilla, one cool thing about this is that you can set an alarm to remind you of a particular tab you saved.

Just snooze anything (an article, a tab, etc) for a day, a week, or even a month and set an alarm; and you will be reminded.

Be part of the testers of Snooze Tabs here.

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