Mozilla revamps Firefox 4 mobile beta

Mozilla has revamped its slick Firefox 4 mobile beta (formerly codenamed Fennec) for Android and Maemo devices.

The latest iteration of the popular browser implements a number of improvements, including reduced memory usage, optimized text rendering and a 60% install size reduction on Android – from a whopping 43 MB to a paltry 17 MB.

Other new features include smoother panning/zooming, faster page load times, a fresh theme and the ability to easily share links from the site menu.

“We will continue to improve usability and performance in the next release,” Mozilla developer Stuart Parmenter confirmed in a blog post.

“[For example], we’ll add hardware acceleration to make scrolling and zooming even faster and will enable HTML5 video to bring a more rich browsing experience to your phone.

“And we are also working to improve browser responsiveness while Firefox Sync completes the initial sync of your data.”

The new Firefox mobile beta can be downloaded here.

However, please note that upgrading won’t remove some of the old files. 
Therefore, the previous beta must be uninstalled before you see a proper reduction in file size with the new version.