Motorola Xoom in epic Flash fail

So let me understand this. Motorola wants to take on Apple’s wildly popular iPad with an overpriced $800 tablet that won’t initially support Adobe Flash. Does Motorola think we are all suckers?

Indeed, an official advert on Verizon’s site states that Flash support for the Xoom is expected only in Spring 2011.

“It looks like Adobe and/or Google have yet to put the finishing touches on Flash’s implementation in Android 3.0. Meaning, this functionality won’t be available at the launch of the first Honeycomb tablet on February 24,” noted PC World’s Daniel Ionescu.

“Considering how slow carriers and manufacturers are when it comes to software updates, this Spring 2011 update could mean more like late Spring 2011 ETA.”

Seriously, why would anyone shell out $800 for a half-baked Honeycomb tablet? 

Yes, it offers some sweet specs, but yet, doesn’t even support Flash on launch – a critical feature that was supposed to distinguish Motorola’s Xoom (Android Honeycomb) from Apple’s iPad (iOS).

And as I opined earlier, the Android-powered Xoom also lacks the comforts of Apple’s “walled garden” ecosystem.

For example, when you bust out that much cash for an iPad, say $729 for the 3G 32GB model, you are granted access to a well-stocked app store, a truly intuitive UI and AppleCare support.

Love it or hate it, that is why people pay the so-called Apple Tax – for the overall experience.

But really, who is going to pay Motorola’s mucho tax for the (initially) Flash-less Xoom?