Motorola unveils Droid Pro, a Blackberry killer

In what can only be seen as a very real and direct threat to dethroning Blackberry as the top dog in providing enterprise mobile services, Motorola has introduced a new phone targeted specifically at business customers.

Blackberry maker Research in Motion has been sloughing off market share in the mobile industry for months and months. Android and iOS (the iPhone platform) continue to eat up more and more of the country’s mobile phone makeup.

But one thing Research in Motion expected to always have in its back pocket was a firm grip on business customers. After all, Blackberry was THE name in enterprise mobile phone services. But now it’s beginning to lose ground in that market too. Fueled largely by third-party apps, both Apple and Motorola are seeing some very big clients start shifting away from Blackberry as the phone they give out to their employees.

Motorola has realized that and come out with the Droid Pro. The Pro has enhanced security features, remote phone management, and data encryption in case phones are ever lost or stolen. It’s the first time we’ve seen such a direct push to appeal to business customers. After all, before now it would have seemed foolish to try to compete with Blackberry. But here we are, and Blackberry is very quickly losing its crown.

The Droid Pro has a 3.1-inch touch screen full Qwerty keyboard, and the latest Android software version 2.2. No word yet on pricing or when it’ll be available.