Motorola talks tablets

Motorola – which has been buoyed by the success of its popular Droid smartphone – appears to be putting the final touches on an Android-based tablet.

Indeed, during a recent question-and-answer session, Motorola co-CEO Sanjay Jha discussed a “companion” product that would boast a 7-10 inch screen and allow users to remotely stream television and video.

“We’re very focused on participating in this convergence between mobility and home, and I actually think you will see some products from us in a very short period of time,” Sanjay revealed.

“OS alone is not what consumers choose a phone on…But nearly all of my focus is on Android today…I know the devices we are going to introduce and that gives me comfort.”

Meanwhile, Mike Dano of FierceWireless explained that Apple’s “dramatic iPad success” had spurred other companies – such as Motorola – to manufacture their own line of tablets.

“Motorola [already] showed off a prototype Android tablet earlier this year as part of a demonstration of Verizon Wireless’ forthcoming LTE network. [And] Android is [also] powering tablet efforts from the like of Dell, Acer and Asustek,” wrote Dano.

“So when can the market expect new Motorola products at Verizon? According to the WSJ, Verizon will launch two new Motorola smartphones in July and will heavily promote the products. Verizon spent fully $100 million promoting the original Motorola Droid.”