Motorola still plays nice with Microsoft despite lawsuit

Even though Microsoft has slapped Motorola with a huge lawsuit over patent disputes with the Droid, Motorola’s co-CEO is saying the company still plans to support Microsoft’s fledgling mobile business when Windows Phone 7 launches later this year.

Microsoft just announced it is launching a lengthy legal battle against Motorola saying that its Android phones are infringing on some of Microsoft’s own patents. Further details are not yet widely explored but Motorola is already brushing it off.

“I would much rather have done without that lawsuit, but it doesn’t always work out that way. We will consider all of our options,” said Sanjay Jha.

He noted that it will still support Windows Phone 7 in some of its upcoming devices. It will be the biggest mobile launch ever for Microsoft, but it could also lead to the biggest flop.

Jha’s comments simultaneously make Motorola look like a nice, decent company while painting Microsoft as petty, but does so without even burning any bridges at all.

Of course this lawsuit looks like Microsoft trying to cheaply cash in on Motorola’s success. There’s probably some sort of legitimate complaint in there and they’ll probably settle.

And that’s exactly the attitude Jha and Motorola is taking. Jha said plainly that these lawsuits “are part of business.”