Motorola Droid X gets overclocked

A talented overclocker known as “Elkay” has coded an injectable kernel module designed to accelerate the processor of Motorola’s Droid X smartphone.

“The file overclock.ko goes into your /system/lib/modules folder. Make sure you have write permissions on the folder using Root Explorer. Permissions should match the other kernel modules in this folder, which is User R/W and Group/Others R (644),” Elkay explained in a Droid Forums post.

“Next, make sure you’re in a terminal as the root user by issuing ‘su’ (superuser). At this point, you should be able to issue the command ‘’ This command takes 2 parameters. The first is your clock speed, in Hz. 1200000 would be a 1200Mhz (1.2Ghz) overclock. 1100000 would be a good starting point. The second parameter is the voltage.”

However, Elkay cautioned that “going crazy” with the parameter would likely fry a Droid’s processor.

“The default at 1Ghz is 66. I highly recommend not going over 96 for this, which is 1.8V.

“[So], the trick is to get the best overclock that you’re happy with, while at the lowest voltage that will keep it stable. There’s little point in having a 3Ghz phone if it lasts 3 minutes unplugged.”

Meanwhile, Jerry Hildenbrand of Android Central noted the Droid X overclock proved that “someone [always] finds a way in,” no matter how hard manufacturers and carriers try to keep people out.

“Rooting and altering the CPU frequency on one of the most locked down Android phones to date is proof positive of this.

“[Sure], a quick read of [forum thread] will tell you this isn’t quite ready for prime-time just yet…But give it a little time and even if a large speed increase doesn’t come of it, the method looks like a good way to extend your battery life by dropping the voltage and clock cycles while the processor is asleep.”