Motorola Droid X gets first custom ROM

W00t! Steven Bird has debuted the first custom ROM for Motorola’s locked-down and bolted Droid X smartphone.

FlyX V0.1 RC1 – which the Birdman described as a “bitch” to code – can currently be downloaded via ROM manager. 

However, intrepid flashers will need to be rooted and have the leaked 2.2 ROM installed, along with ClockworkMod Recovery.

As Aaron Gingrich of Android Police notes, the introduction of FlyX is indeed a “pretty big deal” for hard-core modders.   

“Motorola was [quite] serious about locking down the Droid X, [so] it’s [certainly] a relief to see that manufacturers can’t completely kill the aftermarket,” he added.

V0.1 of the ROM includes:

  • OptiPNG optimized apk’s
  • Deodexed
  • Busybox
  • Updated Superuser.apk (credits to chainsdd)

Removed apps, creeping features and bloatware:

  • 3g hotspot
  • Kindle (market app)
  • Blockbuster (bankrupt company)
  • EMERGENCY (dial 911 for emergency’s…dont screw around with an app)
  • My Verizon (bad market app)
  • Maps (market app)
  • Voice search (market app)
  • Swype (removed for their constant anger towards rom devs)
  • Skype (market app)
  • Google search (market app)