Motorola buys mobile social company Aloqa

Motorola’s ability to tap into mobile users’ social networking content will be getting a new facelift as a result of the company’s latest acquisition.

A German firm named Aloqa is now part of Motorola’s mobile family. It will work on improving Motorola’s Motoblur platform. Motoblur is the system used in a number of Motorola Android phones that ties into all of the user’s social content and displays it in a user-friendly interface.

Aloqa focuses more on location-based information, providing users with alerts about local places and events using GPS or mobile network data. Location-based service is something that Motorola hasn’t really dabbled in itself so Aloqa’s expertise will surely help in that.

“Like every startup, we have always dreamed of our technology and product being used by tens of millions of satisfied users everywhere and being a part of the Motorola Mobility team will help us achieve this goal,” wrote Aloqa in a statement on its website.

This is just the latest in a rash of mobile acquisitions this year. In particular, small startups focused on social media have done very well to attract sweet offers from companies like Motorola, Nokia, Samsung, and HP.

Financial details of the buyout were not disclosed. Aloqa was a privately-held company.