Motorola blames Android market for performance "issues"

Motorola CEO Sanjay Jha believes Google’s Android application market is responsible for “performance issues” on some smartphones.

According to Jha, bloated apps are to blame for up to 70% of returned Motorola (Android) devices, as the market is totally open.

Although Google routinely removes malicious apps, there is no set procedure for testing the efficiency of software offered on Google’s virtual shelves.

“For power consumption and CPU use, those apps are not tested,” Jha explained during a webcast cited by PC World.

“We’re [just] beginning to understand the impact that has.”

Jha claimed the company’s Motoblur platform – which was initially designed as a social networking hub – may help mitigate the problem by collecting information about customer use of various applications.

The data could potentially be used to compile lists detailing which apps draw the most energy. 

“We are getting to the place that we should be able to warn you,” said Jha, who described a future scenario in which an automatic alert would pop up if a selected app is known to drain excessive power.