Motorola Atrix phone aims to replace PCs

All these newfangled smartphones can really do a lot of powerful stuff. But could they really replace you computer? Motorola seems to think so.

Okay. We know. We’ve heard people saying that for years. Nokia used to refer to its “smartphones” from the early 2000s as portable computers. But we all know that those tiny little handsets can never replace computers.

However, what if you made the phone able to connect to a larger, computer-like docking station? Would you really need another entire computer? Enter the Motorola Atrix 4G.

This little puppy is a very impressive phone in its own right. It’s a dual-core Android device with all the trimmings. It’ll run on AT&T’s 4G network. It has HD support, a high-res camera and all that stuff. But what’s most exciting is the external docking station that comes with it. It looks like a laptop, but it’s really just a case. There are hardly any innards in it. Instead, the phone will power the display.

When connected, the phone automatically goes into a sort of “computer mode” and runs a desktop operating system interface, along with complete versions of Firefox, Adobe Flash, etc. You’ll be able to download PC applications just like your normal computer. The only real difference is everything is being powered by, and saved to, the Atrix.

You’ll even be able to connect it to TVs and other large-screen devices to run computing processes, all without leaving your phone.

The Atrix is set to launch later this quarter. We’ll see just how big of a splash it’ll make. It’ll be very interesting to find out. [[Motorola]]