More Windows Phone Mango features revealed

The ability to chat with friends over Xbox Live is just one of the new features coming to Windows Phone’s Mango update.

The impending firmware download, which will push the operating system to Windows Phone 7.5, is due out this fall.

At an official media unveiling two months ago, Microsoft said more than 500 new features will be coming with the Mango update.

These include new integration with Twitter and LinkedIn, group messaging and “pictures history” features, enhanced 3D visual technology, and Internet Explorer 9 software that is identical to the PC version.

In addition, according to new details that are pouring out from a recently updated Mango development kit (courtesy of the website WPSauce), here are a few more features that will be coming to WP7.5:

– Streaming video or music content from the phone’s Web browser will continue even if users open up another app or put the phone in sleep mode.

– Expanded Xbox Live connectivity – voice chatting with other Xbox Live users, attending or hosting Xbox Live parties, and possibly even playing online Xbox 360 games in real-time with console players.

– Extremely deep Facebook integration, tying the user’s login credentials directly to the phone, eliminating the need to log in over and over.

In other words, Mango looks to be one heck of an update. The only thing to worry about is whether or not the update will happen as scheduled. Microsoft hasn’t exactly boasted a stellar record with Windows Phone software updates up to this point.