Monster’s "universal" 3D shutter glasses aren’t crazy expensive

Apparently, products in the burgeoning 3D TV market are so expensive that Monster’s new universal glasses actually seem somewhat affordable.

Monster, a company best known and lambasted for selling products like a $500 HDMI cable, has debuted its first accessory for the 3D market, a pair of universal active shutter glasses.

The company claims its Monster Vision Max 3D glasses are “the world’s first and only universal wireless 3D eyewear ‘shutter system.'” They are programmed to work with all brands of stereoscopic 3D TVs. Currently, only manufacturer-specific glasses work with the stereoscopic standard. So, Samsung 3D TVs only work with Samsung 3D glasses.

One negative aspect of Monster’s solution is that the Max 3D glasses require a separate transmitter. On the flip side, though, this eliminates eye strain caused by the infrared signal that current 3D TVs use to communicate with their branded glasses.

The glasses will be sold in a Starter Kit that contains one pair, as well as the transmitter kit, for around $250. Additional pairs will be sold for $170. By comparison, manufacturer-specific glasses currently sell for around $150 per pair. Monster’s glasses will be available in September.

“3D technology is fast becoming the ‘Holy Grail’ in advanced home entertainment and gaming, and until now there has not been a really great solution for enjoying the maximum power of the 3D effect in comfort, convenience and style,” said company “Head Monster” Noel Lee in a statement. “Thanks to our uniquely innovative method for delivering the 3D signal, wearers of our Monster Vision Max 3D glasses will not only be able to immerse themselves in a world of incredibly realistic 3D images, but they will be able to watch for hours without common effects of fatigue and eye strain caused by traditional IR based Shutter lenses.”

Photo via Electric House