Momentum builds up over Twitter applications

Evan Williams, CEO of Twitter, claimed over the weekend that there are 11,000 applications for the platform in production and in development.

That means that Twitter may have found the crock of gold at the end of the chattering rainbow – because so far figuring out how the popular chatterbox will ever make money.

Ev Williams said in his tweet: “There’ve been over 11K Twitter apps registered with us (as of a few weeks ago). Not all of those are in production.

In other exciting news for Twitter, it’s been reported that the Collins dictionary will include the name “Twitter” as both a noun and a verb in the next edition. It will also include “Twitterati” to describe the aficionados of the chit-chat program.

While Twitter doesn’t come anywhere near the number of developers and businesses working with it – there’s nearly one million of them – 11,000 isn’t bad for Twitter. I wait to see with some nervous trepidation what delights the Twitter software will offer.