Mobile users hate their apps

Nearly 40 percent of mobile users are unhappy with most of their apps, a Harris Interactive survey has found.

The poll of 781 app-using adults, carried out for EffectiveUI, found that 38 percent disliked apps even from their favorite brand. A third said they’d complained about particular apps to their friends.

“We’ve witnessed for quite awhile now that as companies rush their mobile strategies, they are actually hurting and not helping their brand, says EffectiveUI CEO Rebecca Flavin.

Where apps are half-way decent, the survey shows, users are quick to recommend them – and more app purchases are based on user recommendation than on brand recognition, says Harris. Fifty-seven percent of the survey respondents said they’d recommended an app because of a positive experience. Neafrly three in ten said they’d downloaded an app on the basis of a recommendation.

Three quarters of consumers think an app should be easy to use, and the same number say it should do what they need it to do; one wonders exactly what the other 25 percent are looking for in an app.

“The issue we are being faced with is that organizations are designing without keeping their customers’ and business needs in mind,” says Flavin.

“A good user experience is, once again, the key component with mobile. It’s the one digital opportunity for organizations to get customers to physically carry their brand and easily share with others.”

And getting it wrong can cost a company dear, she says. Some 13 percent of people say they have avoided downloading applications from a brand name company or organization because of a previous bad experience with another app from the same brand.