Mirics streams live TV to MIDs

Mirics has launched a media center platform that allows Windows 7 users to stream live TV to their smartphones, PMPs or netbooks.

Company spokesperson Jay Nunez explained that the FlexiStream home-server can be used for viewing, recording, real-time re-formatting and IP-streaming of live television to any handheld device.

“Instead of expensive hardware and proprietary set-top box technology, FlexiStream makes use of the widely available Windows 7 PC and Mirics FlexiTV,” said Nunez.

“[In addition], FlexiTV’s optimization for CUDA architecture enables Nvidia GPUs for TV signal processing, video decoding and transcoding.”

According to Nunez, all that is needed for TV reception is a Windows 7 PC equipped with Mirics’ universal terrestrial broadcast receiver – which can be added as a USB accessory or integrated into a PC. 

The generated content can then be re-formatted or streamed to various portable devices.

Chris Williams of Microsoft’s TV, Video and Music business group, noted that the new Windows Media Center “complimented” the FlexiStream home-server.

“FlexiTV with FlexiStream running on Windows 7 shows how Windows Media Center turns your PC into a complete entertainment system,” added Williams.